Stay Tuned!
Stay Tuned!

Minnesota Needs a Secretary of State that Will Commit to Election Integrity

I will ensure that ONLY US CITIZENS will be allowed to vote in our elections.

It’s important we follow our voting laws. There is a path to legal citizenship and all the rights and privileges of US Citizenship.
Require Voter ID in Minnesota elections

I will aggressively work with the legislature to fully implement VOTER ID
Regain our ability to have trained and aggressive POLL WATCHERS.

MN has Poll Challengers, not Poll Watchers, and there is a difference! This will increase transparency for ALL. *see MN SOS for current information
I will never exploit consent decrees to evade legislative authority.

The legislature is the law making body in Minnesota.
I will appoint a special sub-unit of MN-SOS office who will focus solely on ELECTION INTEGRITY and preventing the private funding of our elections.

Transparency, integrity and fair elections. I will bring back the “Gold Standard” to Minnesota’s elections.
Process Improvement for Business Services.

I will work to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the SOS website and serve the business community.

Proudly Endorsed by MPPOA

Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

“We hope that our endorsement will serve you well in your candidacy for Secretary of State. This is the first time the MPPOA has endorsed in this race.
We know elections have consequences, we are honored to give our first Secretary of State endorsement.”

~ Brian Peters, Executive Director of MPPOA

Endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Kelly Jahner-Byrne a 26+ year resident of Woodbury, South St. Paul Graduate, and lifelong Minnesotan. A few other titles I hold are hockey-mom and co-team manager with my husband John, Mrs. Minnesota 2001, small business owner, speaker, author, community volunteer, chamber of commerce member, non-profit founder with over $1m raised for cancer research and local patient care, and the most important title of wife and mother. I’m seeking your vote to represent Minnesota and be our state-wide voice to be Minnesota’s Secretary of State.

Minnesota is my home, and I am running to make sure our priorities are well-represented at the state-level. Minnesota is a special place where we have raised our family, built multiple businesses, and my husband served for over 17 years as Captain of the Woodbury Fire Department as Firefighter/EMT. Minnesota deserves fair elections and a representatives who will put the needs and interests of all Minnesotans first. I can’t wait to be that voice at the state-level.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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  • Economy
  • Taxes
  • Health Care
  • Safety
  • Seniors

Rebuilding Our Economy – Minnesota families and businesses have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdown of our state economy. In Woodbury, we have watched as our dear friends — employers and employees — have suffered incredible setbacks as a result.

I’m ready to use my business and non-profit experience to help our community recover so we can bring jobs, paychecks and our economy roaring back

Rooting Out Waste & Fraud – We’ve seen countless examples of waste and fraud in our government programs. It’s disrespectful to hardworking taxpayers and a disservice to the vulnerable Minnesotans who need those most resources most.

I will work to hold government accountable for their failures, crack down on fraud, and work to reform or eliminate programs that don’t respect your hard-earned tax dollars.

Protecting Taxpayers – Minnesota is one of the highest-taxed states in the nation. With a budget deficit on the horizon, we need government to share in the sacrifice that families and business owners have made instead of raising taxes to protect our bloated state budget.

Like many of you, our household has taken pay cuts and we’ve had to adjust to make ends meet. Our state policymakers need to do the same to balance the budget.

Accessing Affordable Health Care – Access to quality, affordable health care is crucial. That’s why I raised more than a million dollars for cancer research and local patient care. I will fight to bring down health care costs, improve access in our community and increase the number of options for families.

Safe Communities – Our kids should be safe playing in our neighborhoods – all Minnesotans deserve to feel safe in their community. Efforts to defund or dismantle police departments put our community more at risk. I support the brave men and women in law enforcement, first responders, EMS, and firefighters who do their jobs honorably and risk their lives protecting us.

My husband served Woodbury for over seventeen years as Woodbury Fire Captain/EMS, so I have personally seen the compassion and bravery he and his colleagues poured into their work serving our community.

Caring for Our Seniors – Our aging loved ones have faced many challenges over the past year. I lost both my parents in 2020 and it was devastating. They instilled in me important principles like hard work and integrity. Watching seniors that have worked a lifetime have their care or benefits cut is not acceptable. I will work to protect seniors from harmful nursing homes cuts and ensure they get the quality care they deserve.


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In FocusParker: Leadership, Experience, Values means something.

Candidate Sarah Parker will fight for strong neighborhood schools, higher incomes, and an economy that works for everyone.

Kelly Jahner-ByrneWorking for All of Minnesota!

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Kelly is the only statewide candidate that I am endorsing this year.

That is how good of a candidate she is for one of the most important roles in state government. We need Kelly Jahner-Byrne to be our next Minnesota Secretary of State.
Pat Garofalo, MN State Rep

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